Heal Your Life

Letter from Reid Tracy, President of Hay House, Inc.

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Feb. 19, 2009 

From the desk of Reid Tracy, President of Hay House, Inc. 

As you may know, HAY HOUSE® provides information, inspiration and self-help resources to the world community. Many of you have been teaching workshops based upon the philosophy of our beloved founder, Louise Hay, for some time. We are pleased to announce a new program designed to protect and grow a global brand under which your workshop services can be marketed as an officially licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader and coach.

There have been questions as to why registration of YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE® and HEAL YOUR LIFE® are important to Hay House and to you.

  • The mark HEAL YOUR LIFE® and logo provide an instantly recognizable brand identity for those who have completed training as certified workshop leaders. 
  • As a certified licensee, you will be easily distinguished from those who seek to use the marks or other purposes, which may not be in keeping with the spiritual principles and integrity of the officially sanctioned HEAL YOUR LIFE® workshops. 
  • Advertising and marketing of officially licensed HEAL YOUR LIFE® workshops and coaching will be available to you through a new website which is being developed by Heart Inspired. For added exposure and marketing we will provide links from our Hay House website to your new one, and referrals from our customer service department upon inquiries about HEAL YOUR LIFE® workshops and coaching. Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC will have a Hay House marketing department contact in order to coordinate their efforts with ours.
  • In addition, Heart Inspired has already made arrangements to have a HEAL YOUR LIFE® workshop booth at our events to support the work you are doing in your own communities. 

Dr. Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols of Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, have been training and guiding the workshop leaders for many years.

The question arose as to how to allow the workshops, seminars and coaching to be conducted while maintaining the necessary quality control in order to protect both our interests.

The answer to that question came in the form of a licensing agreement with Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC which allows them to continue their work as before, but with the grant of a written agreement which allows them to extend the license to people who have completed all the necessary qualifications and desire to conduct HEAL YOUR LIFE® workshops, coaching and seminars.

There are two other major benefits that will result from financial investments made by HayHouse and Heart Inspired. These benefits could be made possible only through creation of a licensing program.

Heart Inspired has secured important insurance protection for U.S. and Canadian Licensees under one policy being offered at extremely reasonable prices to the teachers, the price of which is being guaranteed by Heart Inspired.  

  • Hay House is investing in the sizeable legal costs associated in securing trademark protection in various countries around the world where workshop leaders currently provide services. 

These registered marks will protect the leaders' services as well as Hay House.

In closing, I would like to say that we are pleased about this new arrangement. We at Hay House Inc. have our hands full with publishing and marketing the works of our authors and would ask that you refer questions and concerns about this new program to Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC.

We are convinced that they will give you the best representation possible or we would not have entered into this agreement.

I wish you all the very best in the work you are doing.
We look forward to seeing you at a Hay House event soon.

Reid Tracy,
President, Hay House Inc.


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